Incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 2018, we serve as a holding company for our household service operations in China. Based in Fuzhou of Fujian Province, we commenced our operations through our wholly-owned operating subsidiaries E-Home Pingtan in 2014 and Fuzhou Bangchang in 2007. We provide integrated household services through our website and WeChat platform, “e家快服”, across 21 provinces in China. Currently, these services primarily include home appliance services and housekeeping services. For our home appliance services, we partner with individuals and service stores which provide the technicians to deliver the on-site services. We have partnerships with more than 2,600 individuals and service stores providing these services in China. For our housekeeping services, we primarily partner with individual service providers who serve as independent contractors. We currently have more than 2,800 cleaners and nannies providing our housekeeping or care services. Our online platform integrates these offline service providers, which helps them to gain a larger customer base, and provides professional and reliable one-stop household services to our customers. Most our home appliance services are conducted in Shandong, Henan and Hunan provinces, while our housekeeping and care services are mainly conducted in Fujian, Shandong and Guangxi provinces.

In January 2018, we officially became an integrated household service provider after expanding our service portfolio from distribution, installation, repair and maintenance of home appliances to delivery, installation, repair and maintenance of home appliances, home-moving, house cleaning, nanny and maternity matron. In addition, we have recently launched and are actively promoting our senior care services. We are further expanding our business to include smart community services, as well as sales of smart home supplementary merchandise.

We operate our business mainly by receiving the orders online and providing the services offline. Our online platform includes our website and WeChat platform. Customers order services and complete payments online. After our system automatically matches an order to the corresponding service provider, the service provider receives the order and arranges for a technician/cleaner/nanny to deliver the on-site service. We are committed to raising our service quality and improving the efficiency of our platform operation, which would ultimately improve the customer experience. After the services are delivered, customers can upload their evaluations on the platform and our customer service team will follow up with customers and get their feedback.

We market our brand and services through multiple channels, both online and offline. Online marketing is mainly done through WeChat events. Offline services are mainly promoted by clients from communities, institutions, training agencies and firms through peer-to-peer marketing. We also aim to deliver premium services to garner strong word-of-mouth referrals and enhance our brand recognition.